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Cool Gzzy - The power, in your hands can´t prove mighty without you.

Tha Power


Cool Gzzy - Tha Power

Tha Power single is now downloadable in your online stores. The power in your hands can´t prove mighty without you.

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Artist Interview: Frazic / Interow Music

ArtistPR: Tell us about yourself and your music

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Cool G - I Could Look Rough Wit A Smile

Download Mixtape 4 Free On Soundcloud

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The OneOfAKind 1st G-Some Artist and Producer.


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Cool G - I Could Look Rough Wit A Smile Download Mixtape 4 Free On Soundcloud

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DistantCall feat. Frazic

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Cool Gzzy

Bio Deutsch übersetzen

Cool Gzzy, also known by his stage names Frazic Cinik, is a German based independent music artist. A metaphor-rhymer with the kind Hip-Hop/SoulMusic, whom remarks his music acts as "Gsome Music“, which means "Hard, but not gangstar music".

As a one of a kind G-Some Artist and Producer, Cool Gzzy, remain the InteRow´s (international right of way) independent artist, working closely with the oldschool hip-hop and blues, but his stable of talent is convoying the All-round Music talent including rock and R&B music. He goes as the stylish thug and game changer, and delivering his refined lyrics as a broadcasting element, following with his constantly scene switching, thus being contributed to his career as an aspiring artist. 


Frazic rather Cool Gzzy initially Released a Single "Tha Power", two months after he droped his  Mixtape tittled: "I could Look Rough Wit A Smile" on Soundcloud, a brand of Plies, The Notorious"BIG" and Shaggy. In particular, Hip On My Hop, Fuckin Bae, The Mare Man, Fountain Youth, many other several tracks and also “Cool Ass Gang” with the motto “Gsome shift“ became the breakout hits. Streamin Freakin album of Jan. 3rd 2014 flows with 15 great tracks too. Silent Rhymes Album follows on the July 4th. It also bumps nothing but 15 great remedy, but to compare with the studio report, it was a minor success relative to what Cool Gzzy will accomplish in a period of time to come with his follow-up creation to gratifying his opus as a MC. Prophet.

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Cool Gzzy




  • Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 47, 75172 Pforzheim, Germany

Cool Gzzy Kurze Biografie

Cool Gzzy Kurze Biografie

Cool Gzzy, auch bekannt unter seinen Pseudonymen Frazic Cinik, ist einer Metapher-Hip-Hop/Soul Musiker der seine Musiksart als „Gsome Musik“ bezeichnet; was so good wie „Hart, aber kein Gangstar Musik“ bedeutet.

Cool Gzzy kam mit sechzehn nach Deutschland. Machte sein Schulabschluss und arbeitet als Anlageführer. Nebenbei macht er Leidenschaftlich gerne Musik und das auch Hauptberuflich. Er macht Musik die von seiner Meinung aus noch in der Gesellschaft fehlen.

Cool Gzzy hat schon ca. 18 Lieder mit einem jeweiligen Musikvideo heraus gebracht, alles gibt auf Youtube oder unter seine Website zu finden.